Wexford Car Centre are proud to become an A-D Caller friendly car dealership.

The A-D Caller Campaign is an initiative by Able Disabled Wexford, a community group that works with disabled people many of whom live independently. The A-D Caller Campaign aims to assist disabled people when making phone calls to businesses. When a caller on the phone says “I’m an A-D Caller” then Wexford Car Centre will identify them as a priority call needing extra patience and understanding, saving the caller any anxiety or stress.

It has been successfully rolled out with businesses around County Wexford with plans to go Nationwide over the coming months.

Speaking on behalf of Wexford Car Centre Marketing Executive Darren Flanagan

''The A-D Caller Campaign is a very simple idea (all the best ideas are) and we really believe it can be really effective in empowering disabled people to live an independent life. Without having to go into too much detail or having to reveal any personal details, customers can simply identify themselves as an A-D Caller and our receptionist and front of house team will immediately know that the customer needs a little bit of extra attention and understanding when on the phone.

Simple and friendly actions like this make such an impact with able-disabled people. We are delighted to become Ireland’s first A-D caller friendly car dealership. We have assisted a number of customers over the years in purchasing their new Nissan /Kia cars and, arranging specialised conversions and advising on paperwork needed for VAT and VRT exemptions.

We will do anything we can do to make purchasing or servicing a car as stress free as we can ''.

AD Caller
AD Caller
AD Caller